Digging Deeper

Unearthing the surpassing riches of Christ


No matter how deep we go into Jesus Christ, we know that there are more and more riches to discover if we just dig a little deeper.  Indeed, the Christian faith is simple enough that a child can understand it and complex enough that it will leave the trained philosopher in a cloud of mystery.

This blog will attempt to help you dig a little deeper, that in knowing Jesus Christ and His work just a little better our hearts may grow a little warmer.

About Me:

I am an unworthy follower of Jesus Christ, pressing ahead that He might change me into the person He wants me to be; trying to put behind my self-righteousness and my self-indulgence.  By nature I am a selfish and careless man.  By grace, I am redeemed and loved far beyond my imagination.

I am also Associate Pastor of New Life in Christ Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia where I have served since February 2005.  I am a graduate of Colorado State University (B.S. Mechanical Engineering), New Geneva Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and currently a Doctoral student at Westminster Theological Seminary.

I married a woman beyond my wildest dreams in 1998.  Together, Julie and I have four kids to travel with as we glorify and enjoy God together.


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