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Your Family can Influence Your Teen

Some great quotes from Paul Tripp’s book Age of Opportunity, Chapter 4 – What is the Family? A Job Description

  • “To theologize with your teenager does not mean you are to throw in an occasional Scripture verse that relates t the topic at hand. Rather, it means that every day, in every way possible, to embed the story of your teenager in the larger story of God.” (59)
  • “The Christian family doesn’t just think theologically on Sundays; it does theology from Sunday to Sunday.” (62)
  • Two critical questions to ask our children in every difficulty:
    “What, in this situation, are the things that God calls me to do that I cannot pass on to anyone else?”
    “What, in this situation, are the things I need to entrust into God’s capable and loving hands?”
  • At our teen’s challenging moment, “we [as parents] need to be ruled not by the rule of personal desire, but by God’s rule of love, not giving in to quick, surface solution that give us the quiet we want, but without forming in our children the heart of Christlike love that God requires.” (65)
  • “It is when we humbly face the reality of our falseness [as parents] that we begin to seek and treasure the riches of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. As we—parents and children alike—face our need as sinners, the family becomes a truly redemptive community where the themes of grace, forgiveness, deliverance from sin, reconciliation, new life in Christ, and hope become the central themes of family life” (66).
  • “As the Holy Spirit works through the faithful ministry of parents who forsake their own desires for comfort and east, proud, self-defensive, self-excusing, self-righteous children will become seekers after grace.” (68)
  • There is no more consistent, effective learning community than the family. . . . In the face of sin within and sin without, in the face of the world, the flesh, and the Devil, the family needs to function as a redemptive community, humbly admitting the reality of sin. We must also consistently and expectantly point to the amazing reality of the grace of the risen Christ, who rules over all things for the salvation of his people. Each situation where sin rears its head is an opportunity to teach grace. Each situation where the Tempter is revealed is an opportunity to point to Christ, who is greater. Each circumstance of failure is an open door for the message of forgiveness and deliverance.

One more quote from Kevin Leman in his helpful book “Have a New Teenager by Friday” (audiobook)

“If your teenager is overwhelmed, you don’t have to look further than the calendar you put before her on a weekly basis. . . . Every kid needs downtime—times when he or she can create, dream, and just be, without always having something to do. Your son or daughter needs relief from the constant stress of busyness.” – Kevin Leman, Have a New Teenager by Friday, 92-92


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