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Reflections on Father’s Day … I have

Reflections on Father’s Day …

I have immense thankfulness for my own father. I’ve done a lot of research on the impact of fathers upon their children over the last year and realized just how powerful they are … for good or ill. I am very thankful for the fathering I received which helped me learn self-dependence and personal responsibility. You kept me from making serious shipwreck of my life, though I came close in many occasions. Thanks for steering me dad!

I am extremely grateful that I get to be a father to my children. What a tremendous trust I have been given for these four souls. I pray that each of them would receive even a portion of the good I received from my father.

I am thankful for the father-figures who helped shape my life and goals.

I am challenged by the calling of the church to help men as fathers. The stakes are so high and men deal with so many hidden issues. Men want to be a powerful blessing to their children. Many carry hidden pains, insecurities and hurts into everything they do. Some are ill equipped for the task of parenting. Strong masculinity has been long marginalized in our culture under a cloud of suspicion. And yet, children need strong fathers and are called to great responsibility. We need an internal strength from the Spirit of God.

I am saddened this day for those who have had their lives negatively affected by absent or abusive fathers. For many, this has been an injury for which they have always walked with a limp.

Finally, and most importantly, I am thankful for God who has been a Father to me. While I have gained so much from so many people, He ultimately shows me what the perfect, ideal Fatherhood looks like. I have fallen so short, and he has sent his Son to forgive and cover my failures. I have had my share of pains and he has bound up my wounds and given me spring in my step.

I love today’s Bing background (http://ow.ly/y2Mgy) … May God raise up many lion-like fathers for their cubs to climb upon.


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