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If God Knows Everything Why Pray?

If God knows everything why pray? Winston Smith describes one reason in his book Marriage Matters:

I remember my son’s first year of school. After a half day of kindergarten he would jump off the bus, enter the house, and be ushered into the kitchen for a debriefing with his mother. As he sipped a cup of juice and downed a few crackers, Kim [Winston’s wife] covered familiar ground. "So what did you do today? What did your teacher say? Did anything funny happen? Did you hear a story? What did you learn?" From day today, Gresham’s answers didn’t change much more than the questions did. He did what most kids do in kindergarten: finger paint, learn a new letter, learn a new word, glue beans to construction paper in the shape of the day’s number-and repeat. Gresham’s answers didn’t amaze me, but Kim’s response did. Her enthusiasm never waned, her questions were always earnest, and every so often tears would even form in her eyes as he showed her his latest stick figure masterpiece in crayon. In one sense, Kim was not really learning anything from Gresham. She mastered the alphabet, colors, and shapes long ago. And yet she and Gresham were building a relationship, becoming intimate.

What was happening in those kindergarten debriefings?

The answer is in Psalm 62:8, "Trust in him … pour out your hearts to him … God is our refuge:’ Our relationship with God isn’t about telling God something new but about entrusting him with what’s important to us, finding that he cares and even delights in it.[1]

[1] Winston Smith, Marriage Matters: Extraordinary Change Through Ordinary Moments (New Growth Press, 2010), 225.


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