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Reading the Bible in 2012

Maybe you want to read more of the Bible in 2012 than you have before and you want a good plan to follow.  My personal favorite has always been the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan, and I have used it for some 8 years in the past.  It still is my top recommendation for reading through the Bible as it makes reading through the Bible very accessible.

For 2010, I made a switch to the ESV Study Bible Daily Bible Reading Plan.  It is a lot more aggressive than the Discipleship Journal,  as it has you reading certain books twice: Psalms, Isaiah, Luke, and Romans. It took me the whole year.  On average, while I am always reading the Bible, and have family devotions daily, I miss some 10 days of Bible reading a month, so I felt like I was playing catch up some of the year.  On the other hand, I knew that if I missed too many days, I’d be in trouble, so the aggressive plan helped.

If you are looking for a good plan that a bit less intensive and you are worried about not being able to finish, I would recommend the New Testament in a Year Plan, especially if you have never read the entire New Testament.  The life and testimony of Jesus is so important, I require all the Young Adult Discipleship Team to read it every year.  It is critical for growing in Christ.

While I recommend one of the three plans above for your reading in 2012, there are some other plans available too.

First, the one that has intrigued me the most, but I haven’t done yet, is the chronological Bible reading plan where each section of each book is read in its historical order. One man in our church did this last year and told me how good it was for him.

There are other Bible Reading Plans available through:

Last year I tried something new.  I read intensively through the New Testament intensively for a year.  I wanted to outline many of the books, and I did get some done, but not as many as I wanted.  I used Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods as a guide to studying the books, together with The Word of the Lord Grows by M.A. Franzman and An Introduction to the New Testament by D.A. Carson and Douglas Moo.  I read the gospels four times, and Hebrews through Revelation four times.  Then I read Acts and Paul’s epistles six times.  This is about equivalent to the whole Bible in length.  I can give you a copy of my 2011 plan if you are interested.

But for this year, back to the complete Bible.  I’m looking forward to being back in the Psalms, proverbs, and prophets, as well as being reminded of the history of God’s covenant people.

Check out the reading plans, read God’s Word, and take care how you listen!


January 1, 2012 - Posted by | Bible, Communion with God, Spiritual Disciplines


  1. Have you tried reading the Bible in 90 days? I’m trying that with some friends. Started today!


    Comment by daniellovett | January 1, 2012 | Reply

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